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So I Just Got Arrested for a DUI.
What Do I Do Next?

  • Did you hire a DUI attorney?
    A DUI can be fought in court, and at the DMV. If you want to get the best possible advice and outcome, you must get a good attorney.
  • Did you contact the DMV?
    A DUI attorney will contact the DMV Drivers' Safety Office on your behalf. A hearing will be requested, and a hold of suspension will be placed on your drivers license. A hearing must be requested within ten (10) days of your arrest....[ DUI Arrest Continued ]


The Big Difference between hiring a big firm to handle your case and hiring my office is that I will personally handle every aspect of your case, I will stay in constant communication with you, and my clients can rest assured that they will receive personalized attention because now I have the ability to limit the number of cases I take on. Check out what our clients say.

During my time working for a big defense firm I covered all areas of criminal litigation including felonies and misdemeanors as a lead trial attorney. I achieved incredible results in complex cases, where the defendants were facing career threatening circumstances through negotiations or prevailing in trial.

Since the majority of the cases I handled were DUI cases, I was trained and certified in standardized field sobriety testing, various breathalyzer devices, and police procedure in DUI investigations. My expertise and track record gave me the opportunity to lecture other attorneys in DUI defense seminars. My experience in DUI cases also gave me the ability to build close relationships with numerous court prosecutors and judges.



"Dear Ben Mironer, Thank you for your expertise. You have truly been God sent for me. I thank you for your professionalism in handling my case. May God bless you Mr. Mironer."
- E. W.

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