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Sex offenders - regardless of where their conviction occurred - are required to register for life under California law. They must provide information about their current location to the state so they can be included in the Megan's Law database. There are three levels of registration, depending on the conviction offense. Users of the Megan's Law database can see the names, addresses and photographs of the most serious offenders. Those convicted of a less-serious offense are shown anonymously on a map. A third level of offenders are known only to police.

Narcotics offenders also must register with their local police departments, but the requirements are far less stringent. Unlike sex offenders, the registration information of narcotics offenders aren't disclosed to the general public, and the requirement to register ends five years after release from prison, jail, probation or parole, whichever is later.

An attorney will be able to discuss whether you must register if convicted. He or she will also be able to help determine if a post conviction relief option is available to reduce or eliminate the need to register.


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