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First Offense DUI
In California, an individual who is convicted of a first offense DUI faces various fines which can total approximately $1,800 dollars, they face having to complete an alcohol program and they are a three-month, six-months or nine-month program and also face a probation period which is generally three years, in which time they cannot drive with any measurable amount of alcohol...


Second Offense DUI
Now, as far as the second offense DUI the penalties go up substantially. An individual faces a mandatory minimum jail time of 96 hours, and it is critical to have an attorney that knows the ins and outs of multiple DUI offenses to defend your rights and to explain all the potential consequences. An individual faces an 18-month program; they also face a longer extended probation period...


Third Offense DUI
Now, and individual who has been convicted of two previous DUIs within ten years and is charged with suspicion of driving under the influence of a third offense DUI obviously faces very serious consequences. That individual faces some serious fines that potentially are over $2,000 dollars, probation period that is approximately five years generally, and an 18-month alcohol program...


Felony DUI
Now, there are three main way in California to get charged with a felony DUI; the first is being charged with a felony DUI with injury, the next one i s being charged with a fourth offense DUI, and finally and individual can get charged with a felony DUI if they were previously convicted of a felony DUI and have picked up a new DUI within ten years...


Now, an individual who has been convicted of a misdemeanor is generally eligible to get an expungement to clear their record. Many people convicted of a felony often times improperly believe that they are not eligible for an expungement. This is not true. Someone who has been convicted of a felony may still be eligible to get the matter expunged and cleared off...


Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
Now, the main distinction between alcohol-related DUI and drug-related DUI is that as most people know, alcohol has an established .08 per say limit that most people are aware of. When it comes to drug consumption, there is not established limit that is a line that establishes impairment for driving under the influence of a specific substance...


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