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What is the Safest Way to Exit a DUI Checkpoint?

Upon entering a DUI checkpoint in California, you should notice several posted signs indicating that there is a checkpoint ahead. Once you see this notification, you should look to the left and to the right for a road to turn off on. If there is no road to turn off on, you should look for a driveway to enter so that you can make a legal u-turn. Officers are instructed not to stop anyone solely for the reason of avoiding a

Top 5 Ways to Beat a DUI

1. GET A PROFESSIONAL DUI ATTORNEY TO REPRESENT YOU Unlike other criminal offenses, DUI cases in California are very specialized and require professional attention and expertise. Good DUI attorneys know how to utilize the four methods mentioned above to get the best imaginable outcomes. Not all criminal defense attorneys are suited to aggressively advocate DUI cases. Some criminal attorneys don’t have the knowledge or ability to properly handle a DUI case, so you must get an attorney who mainly does

If I’m Pulled Over for DUI Should I Refuse the Breathalyzer Test?

The only circumstances under which you should submit to a preliminary breathalyzer test in the field in California, is if you’re under 21 and requested to do so by an officer, on DUI probation and are required to submit as part of your terms and conditions, or if you did not consume any alcohol within 24 hours. The preliminary breathalyzer is generally a voluntary test and the results are usually not reliable. BAC results, with these devices, commonly read higher

How Serious is a First Offense DUI?

Many people, and unfortunately most attorneys, see a First Offense DUI as a minor offense.  It is not!  The consequences of a DUI conviction go far beyond a driver’s license suspension, possible jail time, fines and fees, an alcohol program, probation, and an ignition interlock device in your car. The social stigma associated with a criminal conviction may create major problems in one’s professional employment and career, and may cause major turmoil in someone’s personal life. The attorney that represents

How many drinks are TOO many to drive?

Every time you drive your car after consuming alcohol, you run a risk of potentially being falsely arrested and wrongfully charged with a DUI.  Let's identify the scientific and logical explanations that demonstrate why they were not guilty of driving under the influence. It is important to note that the laws against driving under the influence prohibit an adult (above the age of 21) from driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or above, and California Vehicle Code

How Can I Clear My DUI Record?

The only way to clear a DUI from your criminal record is by petitioning the court for an expungement of the conviction.  Anyone convicted of a Misdemeanor DUI, or Felony DUI where state prison wasn’t imposed and the conviction didn’t carry a strike, is eligible for an expungement pursuant to California Penal Code §1203.4.  This law permits a Judge to technically withdraw your plea of guilty, enter a plea of not guilty, and “dismiss” your case.  This is the only

Can I Ever Become a Nurse if I Have a Criminal Conviction on My Record?

The Board of Nursing is very select in their admissions, and will not admit someone that has a criminal conviction on their record. Furthermore, most nursing schools require that their applicants have no criminal record. This would make it seem impossible to become a nurse, if you’ve ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense. However, there is hope! Most criminal misdemeanor and many felony criminal convictions can be cleared from your record. The process is called a