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Criminal Defense


Domestic Violence cases-

Penal Code section
243: Domestic battery
273.5: Corporal injury to cohabitant
273a: Child endangerment
236: False imprisonment
207: Kidnapping
273.6: Disobeying a restraining order

Violent Crimes cases-

Penal Code section
148: Resisting arrest
243(b) and (c): Battery on an officer
69: Resisting arrest by threat or violence
211: Robbery
245: Assault with a deadly weapon
422: Criminal threats
664/187: Attempted Murder
187: Murder

Theft Crimes cases-

Penal Code section
484: Petty theft
487: Grand theft
459: Burglary
211: Robbery
496: Receiving stolen property
503: Embezzlement
484b: Diversion of construction loans

Sex Crimes cases-

Penal Code section
243.4: Sexual battery
261: Rape
261.5: Statutory rape
288: Lewd Acts with a minor
290: Failure to register as a sex offender
311: Child pornography
311.11: Possession of child pornography material
314: Indecent exposure
647(b): Solicitation for prostitution